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Numinous Impex (I) Pvt Limited (NIPL) was founded and registered as a private limited company in the year 1999, in the Industrial city Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, by a group of professional entrepreneurs who were engineers and pioneers in the field of developing and manufacturing of precision machined components mainly for export market

Who We Are

NIPL team has successfully developed various critical and high precision machine components as per the customer needs (drawings and specifications) and has undertaken continuous supply of these critical components to Industries like Textiles machinery, Heavy Earth Moving machinery, Agro Industries, Thermal Plants, Automobile Industries, Valves, Pumps and other engineering applications.

Currently the company is managed by S. Suresh Kumar, who is the Managing Director since 2010. A well experienced professional with over 35 years of experience in engineering industries having continued production of high precision products, machined castings and textile machinery parts. With his vast experience and guidance, the company has reported a steady growth since 2010.

The company has engaged a team of engineers in production and quality control, who are experienced and experts in the relevant areas. The precision CNC machines installed at NIPL are operated by well trained and experienced operators which has improved operational efficiency without compromising on quality and timely delivery .